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The Nazification of American Medicine

By Richard Amerling, MD

The medical profession’s adoption of sacrosanct “evidence-based medicine” set the stage for the widespread medical tyranny we are currently witnessing.

EBM sounds scientific, objective, and noble, but it was hijacked by industry to create clinical practice guidelines that came to dominate medical education and practice. These were only loosely based on evidence, mostly from industry-funded studies, or were created by “expert” doctors, the majority of whom were industry-funded. The embrace of the EBM narrative created the illusion of knowledge and the impression that there was only one “best practice” for any given situation. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Medicine and science are (or should be) continuously evolving and changing, with hypotheses being challenged and rejected or supported. EBM, however, in the hands of bureaucracies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), became an instrument of medical tyranny.

The medical profession, because we care for individual patients, is an essential bulwark against totalitarianism. Remember that Hitler first co-opted and controlled the doctors before implementing the Final Solution. Doctors who owe allegiance to the state will have difficulty standing up against policies that abuse the individual, or human dignity and life.”

The Hippocratic ethic of the medical profession stands in the way of the antihumanist, pseudoscientific Left. This ethic upholds the rights of our individual patients, including the elderly, the sick, and the unborn, and the noble goals of our profession to preserve life, to heal, and to soothe.

How have physicians gone wrong? As described by Ashley Fernandes in “Why Did So Many Doctors Become Nazis?” in the period leading up to and including World War 2, German physicians joined the Nazi party at a much higher rate than all other professions. German doctors were also organizationally and financially tied to the state.

Hitler’s genocide was based on eugenics, a pseudoscientific concept he borrowed from Western intellectuals. In the U.S., the eugenics movement led to Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, and the resultant Black genocide by abortion over the past half century. In Germany, it gave rise to acceptance by the medical profession of the notion of “life unworthy of living.” Contrary to popular belief, German doctors participated willingly in what followed: compulsory sterilizations, laws blocking intermarriage with Jews, euthanasia of the “incurably sick” and disabled children. This murderous policy was justified as being humane and based on “good science.”

Once Jews and others were dehumanized as Untermenschen, the Final Solution was proposed and implemented starting in 1942. Fernandes writes, “Physicians, dressed in white coats, gave the imprimatur that indeed, those that were to be gassed were not human persons at all: At every turn, the annihilation procedures were supervised—and, in a perverse sense, dignified—through the presence of medical staff.”

Additionally, doctors were heavily involved in highly unethical, injurious, and frequently lethal human experimentation.

It grieves my soul to make this analogy with what has happened to American medicine. But what have we seen over the past two plus years of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Most American doctors followed CDC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “guidance.” They withheld early life-saving treatments. They abandoned patients, instructing them to stay home until they literally couldn’t breathe. They did not object to the blatant, harsh censorship and harassment of colleagues who were utilizing repurposed drugs to fight the disease. They failed to recommend general health measures aimed at improving metabolic and immune health.

Doctors did not object to the imposition of mask mandates, despite clear evidence of their lack of benefit and obvious harms, especially to young children. Nor did they protest lockdowns, whose inefficacy and massive collateral damage were immediately evident.

Once a patient was in hospital, doctors complied with absurd and inhumane rules restricting family visitation of sick and dying patients, and followed strict treatment protocols that were at best ineffective, and at worst lethal. Government payments to hospitals incentivized diagnosing COVID-19 and following the “guidelines.”. These included the mandatory prescription of remdesivir, an ineffective and highly toxic drug, pushed into guidelines by Anthony Fauci. The protocols excluded the use of inhaled steroids, and recommended dexamethasone, a weak systemic corticosteroid, at very low doses. Full anticoagulation was hard to come by in a disease known to cause major blood clotting.

For the most part, doctors enthusiastically backed the mass “vaccination” of all humans, regardless of any clinical considerations such as prior immunity, low risk of severe disease, pregnancy, and many other clear contraindications. They even denied life-saving organ transplantation when either donor or recipient was unvaccinated, a policy with zero scientific merit.

What about human experimentation? These gene-based “vaccines” are all experimental. How many participants have given truly informed consent? How many were told the absolute risk reduction for serious infection is less than 1%?

There is no way to measure definitively how many have died as a result of these centrally ordered practices. Possibly millions. One telling indicator may be the 40% spike in life insurance claims for working age adults reported in 2021.

American Medicine has become unmoored from its scientific and ethical anchors. I implore physicians to reject the example of German doctors who joined the Nazi Party and to stop being tools of totalitarianism. Doctors must reclaim their soul.

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