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Arizona Patients and Doctors Need Kari Lake!

The choice for the next Governor of Arizona is clear, and AAPS is proud to endorse Kari Lake to lead our great state.

Kari Lake will protect the rights of patients and the medical professionals striving to care for them. Gov. Lake will reject harmful COVID mandates and ensure Arizonans are not subject to punishment, retaliation, or coercion for simply trying to live their lives, earn a living, attend school, exercise their medical freedom, or practice their profession in a manner that respects the Oath of Hippocrates.

Her opponent, Katie Hobbs, has shown she will do the opposite. If Hobbs wins, it will be a disaster. 

We are excited to let you know that your fellow AAPS member, Dr. Lionel Lee, is Chairman of Healthcare Workers for Kari Lake.

If you are motivated to learn the many ways YOU can help get Kari elected, please contact Dr. Lee at [email protected].

You can also learn more about Kari Lake’s campaign at: https://www.karilake.com/

For Arizona, and for patients and our profession, ~AAPS

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