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Ask Texas Legislators to Support HB 456

Patients in Texas have been hurt by the high cost of prescription drugs, even if they have insurance.  Many patients choose not to fill prescriptions because of the high cost of medications.  HB456, by Representative Matt Shaheen, can help patients by allowing physicians to purchase medications and dispense directly to their patients, just like they can in nearly every other state.  

The cost savings can be up to 95% on generic drugs.  Patients would be able to get their medications directly from their trusted physicians at the time of the office visit.  This will be especially helpful for patients who have high deductibles, who are uninsured, or who have coverage gaps under Medicare.  And during a pandemic it is especially important to make it as simple and affordable as possible to obtain needed care.

Please help us pass this important legislation by contacting your Texas legislators. 

Here are a few real-life examples of patient savings:

  • In Pennsylvania, a physician saved a Medicare patient nearly $300 per month for the 4 to 5 months per year she was in the Part D coverage gap.
  • A physician caring for underserved patients in Detroit was able to offer a patient $1012 per month savings on the patient’s eight medications. 
  • A Wichita cancer patient was quoted $2200 per month for a needed medication, but his physician was able to purchase it for $6.70 and pass that price along to the patient.

Shouldn’t savings like this be available to Texas patients too?

Please take a few moments right now to ask your Texas legislators to support HB 456. Use the following link to get your message on the way with just a couple of clicks: https://p2a.co/QbG0qL2

For more information, see this 5-page report on the benefits of physician dispense and this 1-page FAQ.

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