California Alert: Ask Legislators to Oppose AB 2098. Protect Physician Free Speech!


A dangerous bill, AB 2098, has been introduced in the California legislature, that if passed, will punish physicians who seek to publicly speak out about issues that directly impact their patients’ well-being.

For example, under AB 2098, physicians who advocate for the potential benefits of early treatment with off-label drugs, or who ask questions about COVID vaccine safety, could be charged with unprofessional conduct for promoting “misinformation or disinformation” and lose their medical license.

Physicians must not be coerced into blindly following the establishment “consensus” and refraining from entering into debate that is crucial to advancing both science and rational public health policies.

This law would be harmful to California patients, the integrity of the medical profession, and the welfare of the entire state.

Please take a few moments to send a message to your California legislators asking them to oppose AB 2098.

You can get a message on the way with just a couple clicks using this link:

Thank you for speaking out! Your voice makes a difference!