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Climate Watch: Health and the ‘Climate-Change’ Agenda

The American Medical Association and most of the medical establishment have declared “climate change” to be a “public health crisis,” and support rapid implementation of “clean energy solutions.” They are also pushing for attention to the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). Your doctor may be asking you questions about factors tied to SDOH.

Economic stability is one of these; there is no doubt that greater wealth is linked to better health. Access to affordable energy is a key determinant of prosperity, as the graph shows..


A key part of a family’s budget is energy bills. While efforts are made toward the impossible goal of replacing coal and natural-gas-generated electricity with wind and solar, energy bills will soar. Selecting a few countries for which data are available, the dollar cost/MWh vs. percent “renewables” is, respectively: U.S. $60, 16%; France $106, 26%; Spain $112, 46%; Germany $144, 45%; UK $111, 26%. Families may be forced to choose between heating and eating.

Spending trillions of dollars on “green” energy goals would have a negligible effect on the average global temperature. But the resulting poverty would have a devastating effect on health.

Make opinion leaders and politicians aware.

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