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COVID-19: Is the Death Rate Higher after Vaccination?

Are you up to date on your COVID boosters? Your doctor may be nudging you—since the recommendations and information on shot availability may be in every issue of medical society electronic publications, as they are in Arizona.

Uptake is considered disappointing—even though most doctors are apparently not warning patients of immediate or delayed adverse reactions.

These graphs show deaths per day in a population grouped by day after receiving a pneumonia vaccine, or after a COVID-19 vaccine, according to Medicare data.

For a safe vaccine, the line always slopes downward after a brief upward slope for the death rate to get to baseline. (There should be fewer early deaths in this cohort because of the temporary healthy vaccinee effect. This effect lasts up to 21 days or so.) People only die once, so there are fewer people left in the cohort to die as time passes.

The upward slope for the COVID vaccine is unique, writes Steve Kirsch. After the first shot, an average 3492 deaths per day increased to 4365 deaths per day, an increase of 25% over one year. There is no background event to account for this, he writes. The same effect is seen in every country for which he has data, he states. As far as I know, no one has replicated or refuted this analysis, or published comparable data in a scientific journal.

It is generally agreed that life expectancy in the U.S. has decreased recently. Fentanyl is one possible explanation. COVID vaccines have not been ruled out.

This is one more item to add to your risk: benefit analysis on taking COVID vaccine. Ask your doctor about it if he is urging you to take the vaccine.

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