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Early Treatment Saves Lives – AAPS Testifies Before U.S. Senate

Tuesday morning six courageous physicians, subject to attack before they even spoke a word, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in Part II of a hearing organized by Chairman Ron Johnson titled, “Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution.”

We are honored that AAPS Executive Director, Jane M. Orient, M.D., was among those invited to speak out in support of removing obstacles blocking patient access to lifesaving outpatient therapies for COVID-19. In fact, FOX News radio featured an excerpt from Dr. Orient’s testimony in the hourly news update at 1pm Eastern.

Extremely urgent updates were provided to the committee.

A summary of the hearing is available at: https://covexit.com/second-senate-hearing-about-outpatient-treatment-for-covid-19-highlights/

We encourage you to take particular note of the evidence that ivermectin prevents infection and reduces mortality presented by Pierre Kory, M.D. in his testimony: https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Testimony-Kory-2020-12-08.pdf

A press conference with Dr. Kory and his colleagues held last week in Houston is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V3yxrJwJQs

You can also watch the full video of the hearing and download written copies of the testimony at: https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/early-outpatient-treatment-an-essential-part-of-a-covid-19-solution-part-ii

Highlights from Part I of the hearing, held last month, are available here: https://covexit.com/live-senate-hearing-about-early-outpatient-treatment/

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