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Lawsuit to Stop Retaliation by Medical Specialty Boards Filed by AAPS Educational Foundation

Update, April 7, 2023, AAPS Files Reply brief: https://aapsonline.org/judicial/aapsedfnd-v-abim-abog-abfm-dhs-4-7-2023.pdf Update, November 14, 2022, AAPS files opposition to motion to dismiss: https://aapsonline.org/judicial/aapsedfnd-v-abim-abog-abfm-dhs-opposition-motion-dismiss-11-14-2022.pdf The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Educational Foundation (AAPS) filed a lawsuit today […]

How Many COVID-19 Boosters Should I Get?

I hope you are able to find what you need—essential shortages are likely. One thing not in short supply is COVID boosters—and possibly mandates to get them. The promise that the vaccines would end the […]

COVID-19: Can We Relax Yet?

There may be less about COVID in the news because of the war in Ukraine, but can you let your guard down? New advertising pitches featuring heads of the American Medical Association and other groups […]

Test, Jab, Boost, Repeat

By Jane M. Orient, M.D. Joe Biden introduced his “new” plan to save us from the dread coronavirus. He will provide 500 million “free” tests (paid for by taxpayers or with borrowed money); 1,000 National […]

COVID-19: Is Your Mask Safe and Effective?

Now that Omicron has appeared on the scene, and mask mandates are being reinstituted, are you bringing back your old masks? Some places are now requiring N95 masks, which are claimed to remove 95% of […]