Make Your State Next! Texas passes strongest anti-MOC legislation yet.


Dear AAPS Members and Friends:

It passed! Yesterday we wrote asking for help to get SB1148 across the finish line in the Texas legislature. This evening the Texas House and Senate voted to approve the bill and send it along to Governor Abbott for a signature.

Thank you to all who spoke out and helped make this possible in many other ways.The AAPS Texas Chapter worked tirelessly toward this victory to protect physicians and their patients from harmful MOC mandates.

Click here for a statement from the Texas Chapter with more details about today’s win and a link to the final bill as passed. And if you’re on Twitter please retweet our message announcing the news.

What can you do now to build on this momentum?

  • See if your state has pending legislation: we are tracking the status of 14 state bills introduced in 2017. Let us know if you are aware of a billwe are missing.
  • Contact legislators in your state to let them know about the Texas billand to educate them about the need for MOC reform. The NBPAS has a sample letter to give you ideas on what to say. Also visit their action center for more tools to help connect with legislators.
  • AAPS has crafted model legislation you can share with legislators to help get them started.

Ask Texas House and Senate to Vote YES
On SB1148 Conference Committee Report,

SB 1148 is almost across the finish line. Earlier this week the House passed SB1148 with an amendment that unfortunately weakened the bill. Now conferees from the Senate and House are preparing a final, and improved, version of the bill that will need to be approved by one last vote in both chambers. The legislature is working through the weekend and the last day of session is Monday.

The final bill that comes out of the conference committee will be a significant step in the right direction from the status quo. We need your help NOW to make sure the bill crosses the finish line. Help make Texas a leader in the fight to end MOC mandates.

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