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Missouri Action ALERT: Stop SB 41 – Protect Patient Safety and Life

Dear Missouri AAPS Members and Friends,

A dangerous bill, SB 41, is headed for a vote in the Missouri Senate. It is being debated on the floor this very evening.

Patient safety has already been undermined by FDA decisions to “authorize” COVID vaccines and treatments of questionable safety and limited efficacy. SB 41, if approved, would put patients at even greater risk of harm by removing physicians from overseeing their care.

How? The bill would essentially hand pharmacists unilateral authority to order and administer  “vaccines approved or authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)” and “order and administer medication approved or authorized by the [FDA] to address a public health need.”

The word “authorize” in the above language is code for a vaccine or medication having received an “Emergency Use Authorization” from the FDA.  Because such medical interventions are by definition investigational and do not have full approval, it is especially dangerous to remove patients’ physicians from oversight of their use.

In addition, the Biden Administration is signaling it plans to declare lack of access to abortion a “public health emergency.”  SB 41 sets the stage for drugs that cause abortion to be handed out by pharmacies without physician supervision, if Joe Biden and the radicals in his administration get their way.

The bottom line? It is contrary to the best interests of patients to deem pharmacists to be physicians, particularly when it is being done for politically motivated reasons like to prop up harmful COVID policies or to benefit pro- abortion agendas.

Please ask leaders in the Missouri State Senate to VOTE NO on SB 41 when it comes up for a vote.

You can get your messages on the way to key legislators in a few short clicks here: https://p2a.co/06CuyC4

If you’d like to make a call or two, the most important Senators to contact are listed below: (You can also find links to your own legislators’ contact information by clicking here.)

  • Sen. Cindy O’Laughlin 573-751-7985
  • Sen. Bill Eigel 573-751-1141
  • Sen. Andrew Koenig 573-751-5568
  • Sen. Rusty Black 573-751-1415
  • Sen. Travis Fitzwater 573-751-2757
  • Sen. Tony Luetekemeyer 573-751-2183
  • Sen. Nick Schroer 573-751-1282
  • Sen. Rick Brattin 573-751-2108
  • Sen. Mary Coleman 573-751-1492
  • Sen. Elaine Gannon 573-751-4008
  • Sen. Jason Bean 573-751-4843
  • Sen. Ben Brown 573-751-3678
  • Sen. Sandy Crawford 573-751-8793
  • Sen. Denny Hoskins 573-751-4302
  • Sen. Curtis Trent 573-751-1503

Thank you for speaking out. Your voice makes a difference. ~AAPS

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