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A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943

Reclaiming The Profession of Medicine

The hope of many physicians is to have a chance to break away from the oppressive controls of corporate medicine and
to return to an independent model of medical practice. If we take an honest look at the depth of corruption that has been
exposed in this country, the prospect of restoring medical care with integrity seems dim. A legislative solution does
not appear possible—elected officials’ actions collectively push us toward communism. A parallel system of medicine
may not last long in a communist country, although it may persist for a time. We need to begin searching in earnest for
root causes of the current dilemma so we can discern how it could be resolved.

In previous president’s letters, I pointed out the importance of recognizing the root causes of corruption
in medicine: the enemy within, hidden in plain sight and masquerading as a friend, a broken and corrupted judicial
system, and drug and human trafficking, especially child sex trafficking. At a more elemental level is the failed election
system that has not been corrected because elected officials and their donors benefit from it. Their silence and lackluster
responses tell us they are complicit in the cheating….

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