RIP Kathryn Serkes – Champion of Medical Freedom


It is with sorrow that we learn of the passing of a hero of the fight for patients and doctors, Kathryn Serkes.

Kathryn was a valiant leader among Americans concerned about the intrusion of government into the patient-doctor relationship.

AAPS first met her during the push for socialized medicine in the U.S. in the 1990s under the guise of HillaryCare. Kathryn’s countless hours researching and educating patients and medical professionals across the U.S. about the dangers of what was in the bill, and who was writing it behind the scenes, was undoubtedly instrumental in stopping this harmful legislation.

When ObamaCare was being debated, Kathryn was back on the frontlines defending American medicine organizing rallies and media outreach on a national level so that doctors and patients’ voices could be heard.

Kathryn had a deep love for our nation and its founding principles of liberty and spent the last several years leading grassroots initiatives to support President Donald Trump’s endeavors to Make America Great Again.

It is impossible to list the many ways she stood up for patients’ rights and American values across the entire United States and spanning decades, but her efforts were as vigorous and spirited as perhaps anyone who has been engaged in these crucial debates and should never be forgotten.

Rest in peace, Kathryn Serkes.