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NO to S2552! No COVID Vaccine Mandates in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Senator Sam Bell has introduced Senate Bill 2552, that if passed, would impose perhaps the most heavy-handed vaccine mandate in the nation.

“The Senator’s proposed legislation mandates COVID-19 vaccination for children, in addition to adults,” explains Dr. Andrew Bostrom.  He continues, “Blind pediatric covid-19 vaccine zealotry is epitomized by Rhode Island State Senator Sam Bell’s punitively mandatory vaccination bill.”

Putting aside the fact that the government must never force medical interventions on individuals against their will, even if they are safe and effective, there is little to no scientific justification for COVID vaccine mandates.  Especially during the latest waves, vaccines do not meaningfully reduce transmission of COVID and the Washington Post is now reporting, “Covid deaths no longer overwhelmingly among unvaccinated.”  

Not to mention that, especially in pediatric and adolescent patients, there is growing evidence the shots may do more harm than good.

The fact that prior COVID offers similar immunity as vaccination is further evidence against the any benefit of a COVID vaccine mandate.

It’s not surprising then that nations, like Denmark, are even beginning to roll back COVID vaccination recommendations. Similarly, “[i]n weighing the risk of myocarditis against the benefit of preventing severe COVID-19, Norway, the UK, and Taiwan have suspended the second dose of mRNA vaccine for adolescents,” reports an analysis published by JAMA. Rhode Island should also follow the science, not blindly impose mandates for political reason.

To put it more plainly, Senator Bell’s bill is unethical and not evidenced based.

Please take a short moment to ask your members of the Rhode Island General Assembly to oppose S2552.

You can get a message on the way with a couple clicks using the following link:https://p2a.co/tYdoRie

Thank you for speaking out. Your voice makes a difference!


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