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Sign Now! Letter Opposing California Vaccine Mandates

Physicians have drafted an open letter to California Health Officer Dr. Aragon in response to his unscientific and unethical mandate regarding COVID vaccinations and testing.  If we do not stand up against the mandate in California, it will be used as a model which will rapidly spread across the United States and into all fields of work.  

Please read and sign the letter here: https://tinyurl.com/standforcadocs2021

You may sign with your full name, credentials, and state, or you can limit publication to your initials, degree, and state only.  You will see this option clearly on the form to sign.

We all must stand together against this mandate.

Please sign the letter and forward to other physicians and health care workers who will stand up for integrity in science and medicine and against baseless mandates.  This mandate affects all hospitals, clinics, private medical offices, private dental offices, and all rehabilitation centers in California.

We must all act now.  Sign now.  Forward now.


All health care workers are encouraged to sign.  Please consider forwarding to all treating clinicians, nursing staff, therapists, and support staff.  


If you are not familiar with the California Health Order, you can read it here:


It requires all health care workers in the state, in public institutions, and private medical and dental offices to maintain proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for all employees and practitioners.  Any persons who are not vaccinated must comply with twice weekly COVID testing.  Prior infection with SARSCoV2, even within 90 days, is specifically EXCLUDED as an exemption from mandatory vaccination or mandatory twice weekly surveillance.

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