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Support HB 248: Ohioans Stand Together to Stop Vaccine Passports

Dear AAPS Members and Friends in Ohio,

Please read the below alert from Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom about what is needed to support HB 248, an important bill to protect the rights of patients and doctors.

In addition to following the instructions below, you can get a message on the way to your Ohio legislators using this link: https://p2a.co/tfuovd8

Thank you for speaking out,


If you were unable to submit written testimony in support of HB248 previously, NOW IS THE TIME!!!

Please Note: “Chairman Lipps requires that all testimony be submitted by August 20th, 2021 at 5pm. All testimony must be accompanied by a completed witness slip (https://tinyurl.com/uhrrkx5z)… Testimony must be emailed to [email protected]“. Both written testimony and witness slips must be attached to your email “as 2 separate PDF attachments.”

Please also copy Rep. Jennifer Gross ([email protected]) and Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom ([email protected]) on your testimony submission email so that we may monitor submissions.

If you previously submitted testimony that was entered into the public record (https://tinyurl.com/4ztrr5kw), then please do not resubmit testimony. If you find that your previously submitted testimony is not in public record, please take a few minutes to review the below and re-submit your testimony.


Part 1/3 – Prepare Written Testimony:

Please prepare a thoughtful, personal, and respectful testimony (letter) to the Health Committee explaining why you support HB248. We recommend sharing a personal story or personal concerns you may have that are related to the need for this legislation – a bill maintaining vaccine choice and healthcare privacy. We also suggest sharing your profession to provide additional context for the committee members, if applicable to your story or concerns.

Part 2/3 – Prepare Witness Form:

Keep in mind, when submitting testimony to a legislative body, your testimony becomes public record. Typically you have a choice as to testifying in person or submitting written-only testimony. Either way, a witness form is necessary so that the committee knows that the testimony is coming from a real person, how to reach you if there’s any follow-up questions, etc. Please download (https://tinyurl.com/uhrrkx5z) and complete a witness form to submit with your in-person or written-only testimony. Make sure to indicate on the form if you intend to testify in-person, or if you’re submitting written-only testimony.

Part 3/3 – Submit Witness Form and Testimony:

Please submit, via email, your witness form and your testimony, as separate PDF attachments, via email to Health Committee Chairman Lipps’ office ([email protected]) no later than end of day August 20th, 2021 at 5pm. Make sure to include in the email subject “HB248 Testimony” and “In-Person” or “Written Only”. Please also copy Representative Gross ([email protected]) and Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom ([email protected]) so that we can also monitor submissions.

NOTE: Committee hearing time is limited, therefor the number of people who will be able to testify will be limited. If you hope to be able to testify in person, keep in mind that, if called to testify, you will likely have only several minutes to speak, with a potential of several minutes of follow-up questions from the committee. Please be direct and concise in your testimony to make the best use of the time you’re provided. It is the Chairman’s discretion as to how long will be permitted for testimonies and how many people will be permitted to testify.


Chairman Lipps, Vice Chair Holmes, Ranking Member Russo, and Members of the House Health Committee, thank you for the opportunity to provide proponent testimony on House Bill 248.

My name is ______ and I am (a stay at home mom/dad, nurse, doctor, teacher, business owner, mechanic, etc) and the reason I support House Bill 248 is because ______.

Thank you once again for this opportunity to provide testimony on the need for and urgency of House Bill 248.

Sincerely, ______

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