Support South Carolina Legislation to Repeal CON (Certificate of Need) Law


Dear AAPS Members and Friends in South Carolina,

Certificate of Need (CON) is an antiquated and anti-competitive law that blocks the ability of physicians in South Carolina to increase patient access to affordable medical care. CON leaves patients with fewer options and sticks them with higher bills.

The good news is that State Senator Wes Climer proposed a full repeal of CON on the Senate floor Tuesday and received bipartisan support from Senator Dick Harpootlian. The issue is expected to resurface as soon as today in the South Carolina State Senate.

Please take action and speak out in support of this important, lifesaving, reform. 

The following link will help you send a message to your State Senator with a few clicks:

For facts on why CON repeal is urgently needed to help patients, please see this summary from the Coalition to Repeal CON:

After taking action, please forward this alert to your colleagues, family, and friends in South Carolina so their voices can be heard too.

Thank you for speaking out. ~AAPS.