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Tell Biden and Congress to End COVID Vaccine Mandates for Health Workers

In November 2021 the Biden Administration issued vaccine mandates for workers at hospitals and other facilities that serve patients in Medicare and Medicaid. The mandates have done far more harm than good, and should be ended immediately.

At a time when the shortage of health workers is already severe, thousands or more medical professionals have been fired or were forced to quit due to mandates. This means even longer waiting times and lower quality care for the sickest and most vulnerable patients.

Besides the harm caused by removing qualified clinicians and caretakers from the workforce, there is little evidence that the shots are significantly effective in reducing transmission and infection. In fact, the Cleveland Clinic released data indicating that medical professionals’ risk of contracting COVID-19 increased, “with the number of vaccine doses previously received.”

The U.S. FDA also notes in April 2023 that “almost all of the U.S. population 5 years of age and older now have antibodies” against SARS-CoV-2 either due to previous infection or vaccination. In addition peer reviewed research finds: “No significant difference in risk of COVID-19-related hospitalization … was detected between vaccine recipients and non-vaccine recipients infected in previous waves.” Another published study confirms: “Previous natural infection was associated with lower incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection, regardless of the variant, than mRNA primary-series vaccination.”

Regarding safety, data continues to build that raises important questions about harmful effects, for example on pregnancy outcomesneurological function, and cardiovascular events.

There is no justification for mandates to continue one minute longer and every reason to end them now.

Why does the Biden Administration stick to its ill-conceived and counterproductive mandates? Could it have anything to do with lavish million dollar contributions promoting Biden from Pfizer and hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties paid to the federal government from both Pfizer and Moderna?

No one should have the authority to compel an individual to receive a medical procedure. It is especially egregious if done for financial gain.

Demand President Biden end the mandates immediately, and ask your members of Congress to take action as well. 

You can get a message on the way to Biden and Congress with a couple clicks at the following link: https://p2a.co/qdMF0n3

Public advocacy can make a difference if enough people make their voice heard.

Thank you for speaking out! ~ AAPS

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