Template Letter from Doctors to Patients to Educate About ObamaCare


Below is template letter to give to your patients.  CLICK HERE to download Word Document version.

Doctor’s Letterhead

To My Patients:

This election may determine whether America will recover—or lose its freedom and prosperity, perhaps forever.

It may also determine whether I can keep my doors open and continue to serve you.

The most important issue in the election is ObamaCare. With contempt for the voice of the vast majority of Americans, Congress trampled on its own rules and traditions, and rammed through a disastrous, unconstitutional law without even reading it.

Now that we are gradually finding out what is in the law, Democrats who voted for it are trying to disown their ugly baby, or promising some cosmetic surgery to “improve” it. Even if they voted against the bill, it’s not enough. You need to demand that any candidate, to earn your vote, must promise to totally repeal this monster.

In our area, [Rep./Sen. *********] and [Rep./Sen. **********] voted for the bill. Their challengers, [**********] and [***********], pledge to repeal it.

These are some of the worst features:

  • It forces all Americans, under pain of an IRS-enforced penalty, to buy very costly “insurance” that pays first for politically favored programs for politically powerful groups, and limits or denies care to the sickest and most vulnerable—especially seniors.
  • It imposes costly busywork requirements on doctors and penalizes them for deviating from government-dictated care “guidelines.” Independent practices may be forced to close. In fact, that’s what new Medicare chief Donald Berwick wants.
  • The employer mandates are job killers, and the increased taxes are economy killers.

We need to be politically active now, or your medical care will permanently become a political football.

The patient-physician relationship, privacy in your medical records, personalized care, and medical innovation are all threatened by this law. Remote faceless bureaucrats will be dictating what care you are allowed to receive, and what kind of insurance you must buy.

You need to vote, of course, but this time you need to do more. Good candidates need your help to fight the mud-slinging sponsored by incumbents’ bought-and-paid-for special interests. Contribute; volunteer; post signs; write letters; distribute this letter; give out bumper stickers, etc. See [insert websites for your candidates] to make a donation or volunteer.

Your freedom, your health, and maybe your life depend on it!