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The Supreme Court and Your Healthcare

Some are making the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice a kind of referendum on the Affordable Care Act, featuring people who have costly medical conditions and fear losing their ACA plan.

A key selling point of ACA was the promise that you could keep your doctor and your health plan if you liked—even though the Act itself outlawed many insurance products.

Millions lost their plan because the company quit offering it or went out of business, or they dropped it because they could no longer afford it. And, many of those who kept their plan or got a new subsidized ACA plan lost their care.

“Coverage” is not equal to care. ACA plans often have extremely narrow networks that are likely to exclude the cancer or specialty care you need.

What Americans need is NOT a 2,000-page outline for a bureaucratic structure. They do need:

  • Continued care for their current illnesses (“pre-existings”)
  • Portability and guaranteed renewability (previously a standard feature of insurance) to protect against future loss of coverage—you own— and not dependent on your employer
  • Personalized, patient-directed, not corporation or government-directed care
  • Honest (“transparent”) pricing
  • Affordability because of increased competition and the right to choose the coverage and care you need and want without costly federal mandates, bureaucracy, and middlemen
  • Preservation of independent medical practices and the personal patient-physician relationship.

Compare President Trump’s America First Healthcare Plan with ACA or the Biden Plan, with respect to Choice, Cost, and Care.

Remember that the Sanders “Medicare for All” or a single payer/no private option plan is the likely outcome in a Biden-Harris or Harris Administration, once the “public option” fails. (The framers of ACA rejected that idea.) If the Plan refuses your care—as ACA plans do every day—your choices are gone, and the Supreme Court cannot help you.

For further information, see the AAPS Single Payer IQ Test Study Guide.

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