What must you GIVE UP for Dems’ universal healthcare?


In the give and take of politics, the Democratic debaters emphasize the “give”—the “take” not so much.

To get to universal healthcare, what would you have to give up?

  • Your employer-provided, tax-free medical insurance—right away for Bernie’s plan, in a few years for the others
  • Prompt surgery for agonizing pain—read how “Amy” suffered for years while being treated with highly addictive, ineffective pain meds, until she got relief from surgery in a “highly underground” private clinic in another Canadian city
  • Direct access to a specialist—in Bernie’s model Canada, you have to get a referral from a primary “provider” within the System
  • Your private doctor—all doctors will have to satisfy the Plan and constantly worry about “not abusing the system” or causing “disparities” by putting YOUR needs first
  • Your privacy—the System needs all your records to control costs and treatments
  • Innovations—who will invest in R&D when price controls make it impossible to cover costs?
  • Your disposable income—an average Canadian family that earned $83,105 in 2016 paid $35,283 (42.5%) in taxes
  • Private options—affordable, catastrophes-only insurance; direct primary care; health-sharing ministries; health savings accounts; private payment for the care of YOUR choice

Remember, “universal” means the same, centrally planned treatment for everyone. It is “free” like a freeway—a controlled-access road. You can only get on at the entry ramp, and off at the exit—if you can get to it in a traffic snarl. With single payer, they block the other roads.

For more information, see “Why Not a Private Option?” AAPS News, August 2019.