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ALERT: Protect Ohio Children – Ask Legislators to Override Veto

Dear AAPS Members and Friends in Ohio:

By vetoing HB 68, Governor DeWine is abusing his authority as governor to thwart the will of Ohioans as expressed by their elected representatives to protect Ohio’s children, and future generations, from chemical and surgical castration and mutilation.

The vast majority of gender-confused children recover after passing through normal puberty, especially if medical and psychological issues such as autism, depression, anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder are competently treated. Children treated with off-label, toxic puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones have their normal physical and intellectual maturation interrupted, and likely will never be able to recover lost ground. They are likely to be infertile. They will probably be lifelong patients because of the adverse effects and complications of the medical and surgical procedures.

Though “gender-affirming” therapy is currently a growing and highly lucrative specialty, in the future it is likely to be in the same disrepute as lobotomy. The long-term effects of these interventions cannot be known; they are clearly experimental. Children are not capable of giving informed consent.

Urge your representatives to vote for override. You can get a message on the way to them in a few clicks at the following link: https://p2a.co/gNG2WV0

Also, pass the message along to your colleagues. It’s important for legislators to hear from doctors. Otherwise they may assume that establishment medical societies speak for their members instead of vested interests that fund them.

Thank you for speaking out,


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