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Ask Texas Senate HHS to Support SB 666 – Protect Against Texas Medical Board Overreach

Instead of using their enormous power for the purpose of protecting the public, the Texas Medical Board’s (TMB) politically-motivated investigations mean patients in the Lone Star State are at risk of losing access to good physicians. AAPS has been raising awareness of such abuses for over a decade and has even sued the TMB to rein in its overreach. Some helpful changes have been made due to our efforts, but more is needed, especially as board persecutions have accelerated during COVID against doctors who dare to offer early treatment to patients or who question mask and vaccine mandates.

Physicians brought before a licensure board can be financially ruined by unconstitutional proceedings, even if exonerated, or they can lose their livelihood altogether.

That is why it is crucial to pass SB 666 by Senator Bob Hall. His bill would implement a number of important protections to ensure the TMB adheres to its mission and does not harass physicians for illegitimate reasons. In addition, investigations would be required to follow commonsense rules to protect the due process rights of doctors facing the board.

Please take a few short minutes now to reach out to members of the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee who will be meeting on April 19. Their hearing will include consideration of SB 666. Ask them to support this good bill to protect Texas patients’ access to their trusted physicians.

You can get a message on the way to committee members in a few short clicks at the following link:https://p2a.co/mra6leN

Please customize the message if you have time! Be sure to tell the committee of specific instances of TMB overreach you are aware of.

In addition, if you are interested or able to attend the hearing in person at the Texas Capitol in Austin on April 19 at 8:30am, please let us know by responding to this email (or by emailing [email protected]).

Thank you for speaking out! Your voice makes a difference! ~AAPS

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