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A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943

AAPS News November 2022 – Iatrogenocide

 Volume 78, no. 11  The term “iatrogenesis” (doctor-generated) was introduced into social science in 1976 by Ivan Illich in his book Medical Nemesis. Illich attacks the overmedicalization of society. This is part of the excessive professionalizing and […]

AAPS News October 2022 – Criminalizing Dissent

Volume 78, no. 10  October 2022 President Biden famously said: “For those brave right-wing Americans…if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something little more than a gun” (https://tinyurl.com/58mmvn5j). […]

AAPS News September 2022 – “Our Democracy”

Volume 78, no. 9  September 2022 When Speaker Pelosi and other politicians warn about threats to “our democracy,” they mean threats to their position of power. Yes, we have elections, but for the Left, only […]

AAPS News June 2022 – Depopulation

Volume 78, no. 6  June 2022 Even if the majority of our population still believes in it, Paul Ehrlich’s “population bomb” has not only fizzled but is imploding. If something does not change, we will […]

AAPS News March 2022 – SOTU, Unity, and War

Volume 78, no. 3  March 2022 President Biden proclaimed his first State of the Union message to be about setting a “unity agenda” for the nation. The nation is indeed sharply divided—between those standing for […]