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COVID-19: After the Election, What?

Some say, perhaps in jest, that COVID-19 will vanish on Nov. 4, at least if the correct candidate wins. But what will the election’s outcome determine? Some issues to consider:

  • Vaccines: President Trump has signed a contract for the delivery of 100 million doses, provided incentives for “warp speed” development, and has promised no-cost administration to the vulnerable and military logistical support for distribution. He has said vaccination would be voluntary. Joe Biden said “we should be thinking about making it mandatory” at the Oct 15 ABC News townhall.
  • Early Treatment: Big Tech censors have been blocking postings about preventive measures, such as vitamins, and early treatment options. For example, the video by Dr. Peter McCullough that YouTube removed “in error” then replaced, and the first press conference by America’s Frontline Doctors. President Trump said he was taking vitamin D and zinc and received immediate treatment when diagnosed with COVID-19. In May, Joe Biden called it “totally irresponsible” for Trump to take hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and has apparently never considered the strong medical evidence that now favors the drug.
  • Masks: President Trump has not insisted on masks and has noted that people can catch COVID while wearing masks. Joe Biden said he wears double masks, criticizes Trump for not always wearing one, and favors mandating them.
  • Lockdowns: President Trump has emphasized the necessity of getting the country back to work. Joe Biden has criticized the President for not locking down the entire country early, and said on Aug 21 that he would “shut the country down” if “the scientists” said it was needed.
  • Censorship: Candidates might not admit to favoring censorship, but it is clear which side the censors favor. Social media giants remove postings that promote early treatment or question official pronouncements on control measures like lockdowns; links to articles alleging corrupt dealings by Hunter Biden; and even tweets by the President himself.
  • Who’s Responsible? President Trump has said China is responsible for initially denying the epidemic and spreading it around the world. Joe Biden, who initially criticized the President for banning travel from China, says that it is Trump’s fault for an inadequate response.

More than 200,000 Americans have reportedly died from COVID-19. Early treatment could save 100,000, according to Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch. Electoral politics or commercial interests must no longer be allowed to interfere with doctors’ lifesaving work.

In the election, there’s a pro-freedom side (freedom to speak, to work, to choose your treatment) and a pro-mandate, anti-dissent, pro-government-control, pro-China side.

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