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COVID-19: Catalyst for the ‘Great Reset’ ?

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving with your family? Or awaiting Tony Fauci’s permission?

In a conference at Yale on Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked when we could go back to normal. He said we wouldn’t have to wear masks “forever,” but we couldn’t abandon public health measures such as masks and distancing before the end of 2021. We can’t just go “wherever we want.”

Dr. Fauci also said we needed to increase “international engagement.” What that means he has spelled out in the scientific journal Cell. We need to make “radical changes” in the “infrastructures of human existence.” It would require, explains Wesley Smith, “unprecedented and intrusive government regulations and the transferring of policy control from the national to international level—nothing less than an international technocratic and authoritarian supra-governing system—with the power to direct how we interact with each other as family, friends, and in community.”

This sounds a lot like the “Great Reset of Capitalism” promoted by the World Economic Forum. COVID-19 presents the great opportunity to get people to accept radical changes in everything including the social contract, WEF officials say. It’s an opportunity to accelerate policies already being promoted to fight “climate change.” The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” will roll back industrialization to decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

While Joe Biden has not explicitly endorsed the World Economic Forum, he uses its terminology: “Build Back Better,” “end the era of shareholder capitalism,” and “rewrite the social contract.” He reportedly has intimate ties with Great Reset figures.

What we can expect from a Democratic Administration:

  • Prolonged restrictions on business, education, travel, and human contacts in the name of public health
  • Medical care determined by technocrats rather than personal physicians
  • Greatly increased subordination to the UN and international agencies and bureaucrats not accountable to American voters; no “America First” policy
  • More centralization of decision-making
  • Tighter censorship of dissenting opinions
  • “Transitioning out” of the oil industry—without details on what we will use for fueling agricultural equipment, airplanes, and trucks or for making the thousands of products derived from petroleum such as 30 percent of our medicines
  • Restricting fracking, at least on federal lands

For further information on “The Great Reset,” see AAPS News November 2020.

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