Denial: the First Stage in Confronting Death of ObamaCare


This week’s health policy news roundup curated by Jane Orient, M.D.

The press may think that the debate on ObamaCare is over, but as Rick Lowry points out, the death spiral is beginning.

The legal challenges aren’t over, either. Todd Gaziano, the executive director of the Pacific Legal Foundation’s DC Center, describes 10 myths used to support the assertion that ObamaCare is “here to stay.” The Sissell case on the Origination Clause is still to be heard, and as implementation proceeds, more issues are becoming ripe. ObamaCare “will spawn major lawsuits for as long as it is on the books,” Gaziano states.

The bad news for ObamaCare includes:

  • Race to the bottom in Exchanges:
  • The indexing charade: “These budgetary manipulations are no more likely to survive mounting political pressure than did income-tax “bracket creep” in the 1970s or across-the-board cuts in Medicare physician fees over the past 15 years,” writes James Capretta.
  • Co-ops failing at a rate of nearly 50%:
  • Plummeting enrollment projections:
  • Huge new tax increases on everyone, including the middle class:
  • Still more sticker shock: Gov. Mark Dayton of Minnesota, a Democrat, said he was “extremely unhappy” with the high rate increases.

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