Health Care Questions for Democratic Presidential Candidates


The first Democratic presidential debate could barely scratch the surface. All 10 candidates say they favor universal health care as a human right, but what does this mean? Follow-up questions to ask:

1. How many private health plans would you cancel? Should plans that duplicate Medicare-for-all coverage be outlawed? What about Direct Primary Care (DPC) practices, independent direct-pay facilities, third-part-free doctors, health-sharing ministries, etc.?

2. What do you think of Mayor DeBlasio’s idea to send our physicians and nurses to the border to care for sick migrants? What if not enough want to go? Who will care for the patients they leave behind?

3. Regarding the opioid crisis, what do you think of Beto O’Rourke’s idea of sending Purdue executives to prison? If a company makes a lawful product that is useful, say for relieving pain, but is abused by some, how do we decide who goes to jail? What about patients who are in agony without the product? What about the illegal fentanyl that is the main source of the increase in overdose deaths?

4. What do you think of President Trump’s Executive Order to make health-care prices more transparent?

For the top eight questions on single payer, see the Single Payer IQ Test Study Guide. How well does your favorite candidate do?