ObamaCare media round-up: 1/28/2014


Compiled by The Market Institute

A new chart circulating the internet shows that the “winners” of Obamacare will be outweighed by the “losers.” Also, there is a good chance that the Affordable Care Act will not reduce the net number of the uninsured by one person (Forbes).

In the latest public reminder of how the Affordable Care Act can affect health coverage, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) revealed his Obamacare insurance does not cover his cancer specialist and he has to pay out of pocket costs for care (Fox News).

A trio of GOP Senators unveiled a proposal this week that would repeal Obamacare while instituting a sweeping reforms that would give states and individuals more flexibility and purchasing power (Fox News).

An unintended consequence of Obamacare is the slashing of doctors from networks in Medicare Advantage plans after the government is cutting $150 billion from the program (National Journal).

More than half of Americans still do not know when the deadline is to sign up for health coverage or else face a penalty. Many believe this is due to inadequate and underfunded outreach efforts while others believe the law simply does not affect that many people (NJ Biz).

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