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A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943

Sham Peer Review Articles and Video Presentations by Lawrence Huntoon, MD, PhD

Sham Peer Review: the Unjust “Objective Test” http://www.jpands.org/vol12no4/huntoon.pdf

Abuse of the “Disruptive Physician” Clause http://www.jpands.org/vol9no3/huntoon.pdf

The Insulting Physician “Code of Conduct” http://www.jpands.org/vol13no1/huntoon.pdf

The Psychology of Sham Peer Review http://www.jpands.org/vol12no1/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review and the Courts http://www.jpands.org/vol11no1/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: the Poliner Verdict http://www.jpands.org/vol11no2/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: The Fifth Circuit Poliner Decision http://www.jpands.org/vol13no4/huntoon.pdf

Tactics Characteristic of Sham Peer Review http://www.jpands.org/vol14no3/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: New Tactics and Pitfalls for Employed/Exclusively Contracted Physicians http://www.jpands.org/vol20no1/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: Disaster Preparedness and Defense http://www.jpands.org/vol16no1/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: Recognizing Possible Early Warning Signs http://www.jpands.org/vol16no3/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: Abuse of the P.U.L.S.E. Survey http://www.jpands.org/vol17no3/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: The Psychology of Obedience and Social Influence http://www.jpands.org/vol17no4/huntoon.pdf

Retaliation Against Physician Whistleblower: the Shocking Case of Dr. Michael Fitzgibbons http://www.jpands.org/vol18no2/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: the Shocking Story of Raymond A. Long, M.D. http://www.jpands.org/vol20no2/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: Outrageous and Unjustified Immunity http://www.jpands.org/vol20no4/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review and the National Practitioner Data Bank http://www.jpands.org/vol22no3/huntoon.pdf

Risk Factors for Sham Peer Review http://www.jpands.org/vol23no1/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: Violations of Due Process and Fundamental Fairness http://www.jpands.org/vol23no3/huntoon.pdf

The National Practitioner Data Bank Guidebook http://www.jpands.org/vol23no4/huntoon.pdf

The “Purge” http://www.jpands.org/vol24no1/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: the Destruction of Medical Careers https://jpands.org/vol24no4/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: Navigating the National Practitioner Data Bank Dispute Process and Beyond https://jpands.org/vol26no1/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: Malicious Prosecution https://jpands.org/vol26no2/huntoon.pdf

Sham Summary Suspension: Injunctions to Prevent Irreparable Harm: https://jpands.org/vol26no3/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: The Importance of Voir Dire at Trial: https://jpands.org/vol26no4/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review and Increased Risk of Illness and Death: https://jpands.org/vol27no1/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: The ‘Voluntary’ Abeyance: https://jpands.org/vol27no2/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: Abuse of Incident Reporting Software: https://jpands.org/vol27no3/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: Fighting Back: https://jpands.org/vol27no4/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: Abuse of Consensus and Clinical Practice Guidelines: https://jpands.org/vol28no1/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: Antitrust Concerns: https://jpands.org/vol28no2/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: Focused Professional Practice Evaluations (FPPE), Performance Improvement Plans (PIP), and Physician Health Programs (PHP): https://jpands.org/vol28no3/huntoon.pdf

Sham Peer Review: the Ultimate Fraud: https://jpands.org/vol28no4/huntoon.pdf

Video Presentations:

Hospitals Increasing Control Over Physicians on Staff

Slides: https://aapsonline.org/spr/aaps-huntoon-02-2008.pdf

Physician Survival Guide – Sham Peer Review, “Disruptive Physician,” and Code of Conduct

Slides: https://aapsonline.org/spr/aaps-huntoon-02-2008.pdf

Tactics Characteristic of Sham Peer Review, Presented at AAPS meeting Houston, TX Feb 5, 2010

Sham Peer Review: Disaster Preparedness and Defense, Presented at AAPS meeting Dallas, TX January 21, 2011

Sham Peer Review Update and Pitfalls For Hospital-Employed Physicians, Presented at AAPS Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO October 2, 2015

Sham Peer Review: A Worldwide Phenomenon, Presented at the 1st Annual HPARA Conference in Australia, April 8, 2016, Keynote Address

Recognizing and Fighting Tactics of Sham Peer Review, Presented at the 74th Annual Meeting of AAPS, Tucson, Arizona, 10/06/2017

Hospital Sham Peer Review: What Doctors Need to Know, The Accad and Koka Report, October 20, 2018 : https://accadandkoka.com/episode37/

Sham Peer Review: A Worldwide Phenomenon, Presented at the UNESCO 13th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics and Health Law, Keynote Address, Jerusalem, Israel, Nov 28, 2018

Sham Peer Review, Presented via video link to the Healthcare Excellence Institute Australia (HEIA), Melbourne, Australia, April 13, 2019, https://www.armchairmedical.tv/healthcare-excellence-institute/videos/usa-sham-peer-review-larry-huntoon-physician

Sham Peer Review, Presented at the 76 Annual Meeting of AAPS, Redondo Beach, California, 09/19/2019

Sham Peer Review: Curbing the Growing Epidemic Plaguing Physicians Who Put Patients First, Presented at the 77th AAPS Annual Meeting Oct 3, 2020 (via Zoom)

Sham Peer Review Update. Presented September 30, 2021, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Sham Peer Review and COVID-19: Physicians Under Attack. Presented February 11, 2022, Venice, Florida. )PDF of slides at: https://bit.ly/covid19spr)

Sham Peer Review Update. Presented October 14, 2022, AAPS 79th Annual Meeting, Springfield, MO.

Sham Peer Review: AAPS Committed to Helping Physicians Fight Back. Presented October 26, 2023, AAPS Annual Meeting, Ft. Worth, TX


Sham Peer Review Affecting Interventional Cardiologists

Sham Peer Reviews: A Deep Dive with Dr. Lawrence Huntoon

Ego Must Not Trump Patient Care: interview with Dr. Huntoon – 4/25/2023

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