YES to H.R. 6534 – SAVE Act! STOP denials of organ transplants based on vaccine status.


Dear AAPS Members and Friends,

There have been increasing reports of patients being kicked off organ transplant lists because they have refused COVID vaccination.

To put a stop to this violation of basic medical ethics against some of the most vulnerable patients, Rep. Ben Cline (VA-6) has introduced H.R. 6534 (textstatuspress release), the Stop Arduous Vaccine Enforcement (SAVE) Act of 2022.

This bill would prohibit a transplant center from:

  • treating an individual as ineligible to donate or receive an organ; 
  • assigning a lower priority to an individual waiting to receive an organ;
  • or otherwise discriminate against an individual seeking to donate or receive an organ;

based on whether or not the individual is vaccinated against COVID-19.

Please ask your Members of Congress to support this crucial legislation. 

Use the following link to get your message on the way with just a few clicks:

Thank you for speaking out to help save lives. ~AAPS