ALERT: Stop the National Patient ID


Organizations like AAPS and Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) have for decades helped protect your medical privacy by successfully blocking the implementation of a national patient ID. But our efforts are at grave risk of being reversed.

Here is how CCHF explains it:

Democrat leadership in the House and Senate, working on the 2022 appropriations bill, have REMOVED the longstanding prohibition on funding the development of a Unique Patient ID (UPI) for all Americans.

This national patient tracking number (National Patient ID) was part of HillaryCare and became law in 1996 as part of HIPAA, but its creation and implementation have regularly been stopped by the efforts of Congressman Ron Paul, and now U.S. Senator Rand Paul who’ve made sure almost every appropriations bill since 1996 has prohibited funding for its creation. In 2019, CCHF’s efforts, including a letter signed by 44 other organizations [including AAPS], convinced the Republican controlled U.S. Senate to keep the ban in place.

Your help is needed ASAP! Tell your Members of Congress in the House and Senate: “STOP THE UNIQUE PATIENT ID — Put the UPI ban back into the Appropriations bill.”

Get your message on the way to Congress in a couple short clicks at:

Thank you for speaking out. Your voice makes a difference.