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COVID-19: Back to Normal Yet? Figures from Europe

People are no longer inundated with daily COVID statistics, and after three years, we might hope to be back to normal.

In affluent countries, age-standardized mortality had been gradually declining, along a trend shown by the dotted line in the graph. The trend was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but death rates continued to climb after introduction of the “miraculous” vaccines. A new deadly virus is predicted (and there’s an outbreak of a respiratory disease in China), but it hasn’t arrived yet, as far as we know.

These are all-cause mortality rates, but COVID-19 is now a very small contributor. So why are more people dying? If the pandemic accelerated death of the old and the vulnerable, we should be seeing a lowered mortality rate.

The pink area of the graph shows the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, but this could be a coincidence. What else has changed? Note the figures are not from Ukraine, Israel, or Chicago. We have not seen reports of greatly increased heat stroke or fentanyl overdose or military attacks in these countries in 2021–2023. Public health authorities need to explain.

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