COVID-19 Treatment: Tell Your Story


Dear AAPS Members and Friends,

Following Thursday’s hearing, Chaired by Sen. Ron Johnson (WI), in the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, awareness about the importance of patient access to early treatment for COVID-19 is gaining much-needed ground.

We need your help to build on this momentum!

Have you, a family member, close acquaintance, or someone you cared for, had COVID-19 and benefited from early treatment with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, ivermectin, or other medications? Or was early treatment with drugs like these unavailable? 

If so please take a few minutes now to tell your story. Fill out a short questionnaire that will help us and our allies in the fight for patients’ access to treatment:

Thank you for speaking out!

P.S. After you take the survey, please watch and share an updated video with highlights of Thursday’s hearing:

In addition, you can listen to Dr. McCullough and Chairman Johnson discuss the hearing with Hannity in this clip here from Sean’s radio show this past Friday:

P.S. If you are a physician offering early treatment for COVID-19, and have not already added your name to the list of practices available to patients, please consider listing it:

A link to the list, as well as lists of related protocols, studies, and more is being curated at: