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Proposed Resolution: Social Determinants of Health

Whereas The importance of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) is increasingly recognized

Whereas: SDOH include economic stability and food security

Whereas: Economic stability and food security are imperiled by loss of employment opportunities and increased cost of basic necessities

Whereas Phoenix mayor Kate Gallego is laying the groundwork to carry out the 2030 Agenda with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Whereas this “sustainability” agenda strives to reach net-zero carbon emissions and to curb consumption of meat and dairy products, with the stated goal of keeping an increase in average global temperatures below 1.5 °C

Whereas “net zero” requires phasing out the fuels that power 80% of the world’s economy

Whereas it is impossible to increase wind and solar generating capacity enough to supply sufficient reliable electricity to meet demand, especially if demand is increased to charge electric vehicles

Whereas attempts to power economies with wind and solar in Europe have caused energy prices to soar and are causing deindustrialization and tremendous job losses

Whereas wind and solar installations require more energy to produce than they will likely generate during their useful life span of perhaps  of perhaps 20 years, after which they generate a huge volume of toxic waste

Whereas there is no actual evidence that “net zero” will have a measurable effect on earth’s climate, as this is an assertion based on computer models that are demonstrably flawed

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that ArMA will actively oppose any governmental rules or programs that will tend to downgrade SDOH, as by causing scarcity or increased prices of housing, electricity, private transportation, or food such as meat and dairy products.

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